Usage Terms

These terms of usage apply to specified CC+ licensed materials using the Creative Commons license that was assigned to said item, along with rules that will be elaborated upon as the following terms.


Attribution of this product, alterations, and derivatives (even if you created it) is necessary as stated in the CC license. However, non-profit organizations that target the Intersex community, the Trans community, and the Queer community are allowed to create ALTERATIONS and circulate them for non-commercial use without attribution. Example use cases would include the following:

  • Use in a flyer or advertisement about an event
  • Use by employees in a non-commercial manner
  • All personal (or professional), non-commercial usage

Attribution is also not required in the following cases by individuals for non-commercial use (applicable to the original work, derivatives, and/or alterations:

  • As part of, or as, a social media profile picture
  • As part of, or as, a social media background header
  • As part of, or as, a post related to the intersex, trans, and/or queer communities.

However, no part of my work, its derivatives, or alterations must be used to promote genderism, queerphobia, sexism, racism, ableism, anti-semitism, Islamophobia, or any form of bigotry that disrespects the very basic humanity of any marginalized person or marginalized group. Using my work, a derivative, or an alteration to mock marginalized, underprivileged people or identities in society is absolutely prohibited.

Also, taking credit for the work itself is absolutely prohibited. Non-commercial use of derivatives or alterations may also require attribution so, before doing so, please check with the author themselves to make sure that you are not infringing upon their own copyright.

Attribution, required or not, should have the following components:

  • My name: “Chris Fornesa” or “Christopher Fornesa”
  • My website: “”
  • Year of Copyright: “2021”

Feel free to make a combination of these elements or to add on more detail where it is needed but unless you contact me directly, please do not state that I have “approved” your alteration/redesign of my work.

If you are using my work, a derivative, or an alteration on your personal website for non-commercial use, if you would also like to attribute my work, a derivative, or an alteration, please use the following code:

<span><em>Inclusive Pride flag.</em> <a href="">Chris Fornesa</a> &copy; 2021.</span>

Commercial Use

Commercial use of this product is prohibited except for circumstances where 100% of profits will go towards non-profits or work that directly benefits any of the following communities:

  • the Intersex community
  • the Trans community
  • the Queer community
  • However, please prioritize the following segments of the above communities in these efforts:
    • any community of color
    • the Disability community
    • the economically disadvantaged

Furthermore, commercial use of alterations and derivatives is permitted by non-profit organizations that specifically serve the intersex, trans, and queer communities, as well as by members of both the intersex, trans, and queer communities and a community of color, the Disability community, and/or are economically disadvantaged. Such organizations and individuals are entitled to receive 100% of profits. This is to ensure that this work remains in the hands of the communities for which it represents. However, I do ask that individuals (who are financially able to do so) donate 15-20% of the profits that they make from a derivative or alteration of the original work to either provide mutual aid to an intersex, trans, queer, Disability, Neurodivergent, Autistic, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Filipino, Southeast Asian, East Asian, Pacific Islander, and/or economically-disadvantaged person, family, and/or community, or to an organization that exists solely to provide help to these communities.